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  • Shaman Steve

When my encounter with the Feds in the forest made me realize I was free from tyranny.

I never imagined that I would write a title like this in my entire life. Most people dread their encounters with Law Enforcement. Sometimes when we embrace the uncomfortable, the magic happens. The story that I am going to tell occurred this weekend in the San Bernardino National Forest in Big Bear California. Allow me to begin. I had planned a weekend with my good buddy Santos in mountains of Big Bear. We had planned to go the previous weekend but I believe and trust that divine timing is everything. As one starts to allow, magic literally begins to ensue. The plan this Saturday was to drive down the fire road (2N10) and enjoy the scenery. I had planned to visit a tree where I had left a gift on my last visit to the mountains. I was never able to locate the tree because of what happened next. We came around a blind curve and saw a few vehicles stopped with 2 NPS trucks parked facing our direction. Santos said, "It looks like the motorcycle is out of gas." As we sat there a few moments, I realized that the NPS Federal Agents were basically performing a speed trap and writing tickets. Agent Thompson approached my vehicle and stated that we were in a place we shouldn't be and that we should have been aware of the fire restrictions in the area. The temperature on this day was 63 degrees with very little wind. If the concern was safety, these diligent agents could have been ahead of the curve to turn away vehicles on the fire road. This operation was clearly a revenue grab. If they were not wearing NPS uniforms, they could have been mistaken for the Mexican Cartel doing a shake down. Here is where the story gets very interesting. Agent Thompson asked for my ID but I did not bring any on this excursion. Santos told me later that he thought we were going to be arrested. I was merely in the moment and relaxed as I could be. In fact, when the wind picked up and dispersed some of the feathers that I have in my vehicle I took the time to gather them together and fix them before addressing the agent again. We all dictate our flow in life. I understand that more than ever now. He said, "OK. Give me all of your information and I will run it through the computer."

Recently I have undergone the process of becoming a US National instead of a US Citizen. On the passport page directly it states that," All US Citizens are US Nationals but not all US Nationals are US citizens." Do you see it? Perhaps you will by reading the link I am providing here. Please take the time to read through this information as it could change your life. I did this because US Citizens are voluntary property. Read that as many times as is required.

I slowly gave him all of my information. First, middle and last name. Height. Weight. Age. Eye Color. Hair Color. Address. License Plate. Etc. He took down all of the pertinent information like any similar traffic stop. After about 5 minutes, he returned to the vehicle with 2 slips of paper in his hand. He babbled on about fire safety etc while indicating that the fine was $180. He also indicated that failure to pay could result in a warrant being issued for my arrest. I asked him if I was supposed to sign this ticket. He said, "No." I thought that was very weird. If any of you do get a ticket, when you sign note this through your signature. UNDER DURESS UCC 1-308. At any rate, I took what he gave me and put it in my glove box. I didn't want this interruption to spoil our day. However, now I had the challenge of backing up on a narrow and blind curve. In fact Agent Thompson wished me good luck. I then proceeded to get stuck on a boulder. Most people might panic in this situation but I was still very calm. I was definitely stuck and this was an issue. I took a second to breathe and made eye contact with the Off-road Jeep in front of me. Another sad victim of this sting operation. He gave me a hand motion that I felt good about. I started saying my mantra in my head and performed the operation he told me to do. After some interesting fun, I was able to free the vehicle from the stone and we were able to continue our journey. The day was fantastic as is usually the case in the mountains.

It wasn't until the next day that Santos said, "Let me see that ticket." As he looked at it, he laughed. He said, "Smith, this is a joke. Look at this." I looked at the ticket and it listed all the typical information you usually see. However, after my name, the ticket information is essentially blank. This would be thrown out of any court of law immediately! Even my vehicle information is blank. I have also recently put the DMV on notice as well as part of this process toward true freedom. My response to the address on the ticket and the NPS was to provide my citizenship evidence affidavit and refute their alleged ticket under fake "Color of Law". Stand up for your God-given rights. Please see the ticket below.

I now know the feelings of the founding fathers when they declared freedom from the monarchy in Britain. This is how our Revolution is waged. We merely refuse to participate in this circus anymore. We withdraw our consent and financing via taxes. We all have a choice. FREE or SLAVE. I am now free. Ask me how you can be free. Infinite blessings to you and yours.

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