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During March of 2016, I happened across a video on You tube by Matthew Lloyd Wilcox called “Sungazing documentary”. In this video, Mr. Wilcox actually visits the optomologist prior to sun gazing and after the process to ensure that the sun gazing did not affect his vision in a negative way. There are also numerous videos on You tube which document people healing their vision from this practice. Upon completion of the video, I knew in my heart that I had to incorporate this activity into my spiritual practice. Something deep within my being was calling me to start sun gazing. While researching the subject further, I stumbled upon the protocol created by Hira Manek(HRM) regarding sun gazing. Hira learned his methodology from Lord Mahavir of Jains who walked the earth over 2,600 years ago. The HRM method explains that there are safe times during the day to look at the sun. These are the hours when the sun’s rays have medicinal power. These hours are the first hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. During these hours the UV(ultraviolet) index is below 2 and is a safe time for the eyes to absorb the healing powers of the sun. Please note that you should never wear glasses or contact lenses while sun gazing. HRM recommends that the 1st day of sun gazing take no longer than 10 seconds. The activity should be performed barefoot with the feet grounded in mother earth (NOT GRASS, CONCRETE OR ASPHALT). The 2nd day consists of looking at the sun for 20 seconds. The 3rd day consists of looking at the sun for 30 seconds and so forth. This continues until you reach 44 minutes or 264 days. Once you reach 44 minutes, the next step is to walk on native earth(sand, gravel, dirt, etc.) for 45 minutes a day for an additional 6 days. The purpose of walking barefoot for 45 minutes is to activate the five glands, represented by the toes in our feet(PINEAL, PITUITARY, HYPOTHALAMUS, THALAMUS AND AMYGDALA).

There are a multitude of benefits to sun gazing. HRM states that after you reach 15 minutes of sun gazing, you will feel free from mental stress and tension enabling you to create an aura of peace. I experienced this feeling around the 20 minute mark. HRM further explains that the body will be free from disease after you reach 30 minutes of sun gazing. I noticed all aspects of my health and being had improved by this time. At 40 minutes of sun gazing the need for solid food dramatically decreases. My appetite and diet has significantly changed. I eat significantly less food and I feel as spry as a young buck of 25.

My guru describes LIFE as liberty, independence and freedom for eternity. Sun gazing begins to charge up the power of the greatest supercomputer on earth, OUR BRAIN. Most scientific studies indicate that most humans only access a minimum of 1% of their brain’s super-potential. The sunlight provided by the sun is the power charge for our supercomputer and the eyes are the conduit to transfer this energy. Incorporating this activity into our day helps us to begin to activate the unlimited potential of the human brain and absorb the spirit of the sun. It is an extremely transformative process. Everyday can be filled with liberty, independence and freedom if we just take the first step.

Sunlight has tremendous medicinal value for us all but unfortunately our society has made many people afraid of the power of the sun. Even allowing the sun’s warmth to touch our skin when the UV levels are between 2 and 5 has tremendous healing value. It also helps us stimulate the production of Vitamin D-3 which is a necessary component of a healthy fully functioning immune system. Once you begin this process, you will begin to experience an illuminated transformation of your own inner consciousness. You begin to think and live within the experience of love just as the Creator intended. It also enables you to realize that you are far greater than the body that you currently inhabit. I send you many blessings for your new spiritual practice. You will begin to harness the enormous potential of the greatest visible representation of the Creator in this physical realm. God bless!

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