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  • Shaman Steve

Following the signs and having faith.

I was going to title this "Will the tranny blow?" I decided to use discretion. I do have a bit of a sardonic sense of humor. Anyway, I have worked extremely hard to transform myself to be able to discern my messages from the divine. I continue to try to tune into my intuition to learn what the lesson is for this next experience. My internal voice told me that I would be faced with numerous challenges over the next couple of weeks. We all enjoy the calm seas but the rough seas teach us more than we realize. The grooves in my record can sometimes repeat the "hear we go again mantra". We are breaking generational curses and transcending many lifetimes of pain and suffering to learn our true nature and divine essence. It can be easily clouded in this realm. Transcend means supreme. This is why transcendental meditation is so important. It is very important to study the etymology in this realm to decipher the clues to the puzzle. At any rate, my 15 year old son wanted to have a get together weekend with some of his old elementary school friends. A very good group of young men. My wife and daughter would also be in on this adventure. He wanted to take his friends to Big Bear Lake to enjoy some snowboarding and some good young man times. These memories are extremely important for young people in my humble opinion. Lifetime memories.

As I was loading the truck to get ready to hit the road, I noticed this leaf on the ground behind my truck.

It is funny because when I returned home, there were many leaves on the ground but no other hearts. When I saw it, I took it as a confirmation to operate from the heart. The experiencer sees what they choose to see. Trust that whatever situation you may be in that God has your best interests at heart. If you operate from that realm, the miracles can happen. We loaded the boys stuff and the truck was full and loaded. Only about 15 minutes into the drive, I noticed that the transmission was starting to slip. I have had a few interesting experiences going up the hill and am able to drive in adverse situations. I felt that I could get us there and get home safely before taking my vehicle to the mechanic. I also felt that this was a big challenge on how I would be able to handle the adversity of such a difficult drive. When driving I am usually always saying my mantra to be able to stay in the eye of the storm and response rather than react. There were a few situations where the transmission slipped but I was able to manage all the difficulties. As we were making the second to the last left turn before we arrived at the condo, the vehicle almost died but I managed to keep it together and we arrived at the condo. I basically drove an automatic like a manual transmission in order to keep moving along the roadway. It was quite the experience. My next concern would be if I would be able to make it safely home without having to tow it into the shop.

The plan was two days of snowboarding. My wife had her vehicle so transportation to the slopes for everyone would not be an issue. They skied at Snow Summit for 8 hours each day for 2 consecutive days. My daughter even went down a double black diamond. Ridiculous. She has no fear. Exactly how I would prefer it. Life is liberty, independence, freedom, eternity. I never learned how to do any of that when I was younger. It is not something I am interested in now. I did want to expose my children to it to enable them to have more experiences than I may have had growing up. Plus I always enjoy my solitude in Big Bear. Shaman really like their alone time in nature.

We returned this afternoon. We decided to have my wife drive the boys back and my daughter would ride with me. She would be my co-pilot. We have an amazing telepathic connection. She is my heart. I was nervous but I trusted and had full faith. The plan was to stay in the moment. The first hour was downhill so I did not anticipate too many problems. The big test would be on the freeway. There was one difficult stretch of slowing and I noticed angel number 8181 in front of me. I saw it twice very quickly. Typically they show them as the last 2 or the second to the last 2 digits of the license plate. I see it on 2 different vehicles simultaneously in front of me. It is like my intuition is guided to look. 8181 means the path to attaining spiritual wisdom. It also indicates that spiritual influences have a huge impact on my life. It presents you with the opportunity to discover the magnitude of options available. I have been seeing this number quite a bit everywhere. We came across another rough stretch of highway and I quickly noticed 2424. This angel number means that I am getting closer to my goals. This entire drive was a test. I was the experiencer and the observer. I was completely present through this difficult drive. It was liberating. Facing challenges head on without fear tends to do that in this school.

According to the map, we had one more slowdown ahead. That was the biggest challenge. Maintaining distance and momentum. As I rehash the experience, it was like a movie and I was the director. The next number I saw was 000. I always love when I see this number. This number signifies the infinite nature of God. I honor this number and when I saw it knew that my mission would be complete. My co-pilot helped guide me home and we made it without a hitch. Embrace the challenges put in front of you regardless of how small. Huge gains can be made from the smallest of deeds. Thank you for reading and infinite blessings to you and yours.


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