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Blessings everyone. Today I wanted to take time to discuss our intuition. The inner voice can guide us toward amazing adventures and experiences, if we can only slow our thoughts down to listen. There are studies that show humans can have close to 80,000 thoughts per day. That is a ridiculous volume of thoughts to process. Because of this random noise, how can we ever hear our inner voice speak to us? It is no wonder most people in this plane are living in chaos. Because I was able to hear my inner voice, I had the incredible experience that I will share below.

It occurred last Thursday and I would have completely missed it if I hadn't listened to my intuition on this particular day. I am typically in Malibu once a week for work related items. On this day, I had a busy day at the office. After my inspections, I thought I would just go back to work and finalize a few of the tasks I had to complete for the day. As I was ready to take the right turn from Pacific Coast Highway to Kanan Road, I looked around and realized how beautiful the day truly was. I said to myself, "Look at this day. How on earth can you go back to work? Go and do your beach walk." I usually walk barefoot on the beach once a week for 45 minutes to ground in "Mother Earth" and re-charge my battery. It is a very healing and grounding process. As I was walking along the beach, I stumbled upon a pod of California Gray whales about 30 yards offshore. It was a magical experience. Every person on the beach was invigorated by the presence of these majestic creatures. It was truly awe inspiring. I felt like I was 7 years old again. I am so grateful that I was able to listen to the signs that spirit was sending me on this wonderful occasion. I would have completely missed this opportunity without the peace that I have created through breath and meditation.

Through breath and meditation, I have been able to slow my random thoughts to a trickle. This has enabled spirit, consciousness, creator, and God to begin to flow through my vessel. I just have to listen to the signs being presented. It has taken years of training and discipline but the practice has absolutely changed my life for the better. This can happen for your life as well. You just have to understand the value of working on your energy, frequency and vibration. There is not a more positive habit that you can start today. It will completely transform how you think and respond in the world that we live in. My meditation and pranayama practices are the glue in my life. Without them, I would still be in utter chaos. Ask yourself this one simple question. Is what I am doing working for me? If the answer is NO, then I suggest starting meditation TODAY. This practice will help you start to get a little better every day. Once you start, I promise you will be rewarded. Please contact me if you have any questions. Have a blessed day!

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