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Encounter with the Fastest Land Animal in the World

The family had just arrived in Vernal Utah from Zion National Park after a long and scenic drive through the beautiful scenery of Utah. After dinner, I told my wife that I was going to go sun gazing. She assumed that I was going to do my spiritual practice in the vicinity of the motel. The imagery on the last climb into Vernal is stunning and I decided to drive in that direction to find an appropriate spot. Driving along the highway, I eventually found a location in which to turn left. The sign said, "McCoy Flats." I thought to myself, "This is perfect." As I said this and turned into Mccoy Flats, I watched the magnificent animal above cross directly in front of my 15 year old F-150 truck. During the original encounter, I assumed that this animal was elk. On our whitewater rafting trip the next day, I showed one of the guides and they informed me that this animal is the pronghorn antelope and is the FASTEST land animal in the world. The antelope is also one of Shiva's manifestations. I found a place to park adjacent to the roadway and got out of my truck. The anteiope continued to walk toward the east.

I found a nice spot on the ground to remove my shoes and faced west to practice about 20 minutes of sungazing. (Please see my previous blog on this practice) After about 5 minutes, I kept hearing a distinct call. You can hear the call twice on the video above. I researched this and found that this sound is made when they are calm and grazing. I continued to sungaze until I finally had to stop and take the footage shown in the video above. I presumed that our meeting had concluded after it dashed off and I resumed my sungazing. After I did so, the antelope came back and spoke to me again. I talked with this majestic animal for about 5 minutes before deciding to explore more of McCoy Flats. I came back to this location each day in Vernal but never had a similar experience. In fact, I only saw birds in this area for the remainder of our trip to this locale. Divine experiences occur when you are in the moment and present. It is the most wonderful place to dwell. May you all have infinite blessings on your journey toward truth.


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