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Hawk Feathers

For some reason I felt compelled to take an afternoon drive to get some tea at 1:30pm. I usually waited until later in the afternoon but my intuition was guiding me to leave the house so I did so. I was driving down the road set to turn left onto Redhawk Parkway. Prior to the signal, I noticed a purple flash or wave of light come over the truck from the rear and then disappear. I hadn't ever seen anything like that. It was so unusual that I definitely took notice. The best representation I can find is something similar to this picture.

As I turned left onto Redhawk Parkway, I noticed a hawk carcass with a beautiful set of feathers still intact in the middle of the number 1 lane. I knew immediately that I had to retrieve the bird and give it a proper burial. I now do my best to pay attention to these signs from spirit and honor the sacrifice of this bird. I tend to look for the deeper meaning in everything because energy is currency. What you pay attention to is the experience that you buy in the matrix. I turned left at the next side street and retrieved a blanket from the bed of my truck. Mind you, the temperature was 100 degrees on this day. The spiritual life will make you appear to be crazy to most of the day to day people. I have come to terms with that and now do my best to live each day in the moment because that is where the magic happens.

I waited for traffic to clear before I gathered up the remains. I felt sadness at the loss of such a majestic bird. When I got home I hand selected feathers from the offering. Below is a collection of the feathers gathered.

The first thing that one will notice on the feathers are the black and white streaks. This symbolizes the duality of this experience. Yin and Yang. Hot and cold. Day and Night. Good and Evil. The lesson is to stay grounded in the divine while having this earthly experience. An additional meaning is to live life with the vision of the hawk while maintaining proper balance in this unique reality. I learn from the hawk to cruise the wind currents of life. This is where the balance can be achieved. Each day is can be an opportunity to learn and grow in the school of life. One either learns the lesson at the right time or the wrong time but they will learn the lesson. Have a blessed day!


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