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  • Shaman Steve

Leaving Los Angeles

During meditation this morning, I was drawn to write about my decision to finally pack up the house and move the family out of what has become Zombieland. I have spent the better part of the last 28 years living in this City. I built a successful business and raised a family. This was the only home our children knew. The toll had been too great. I saw through the COVID ruse immediately because I have been paying attention to the evil that currently plagues this planet for over 20 years since 9-11.

This whole time I refused to wear the compliance mask. I refused to take a COVID test. Anyone who spends 5 minutes on the subject, understands the bullshit at play here. The COVID test also damages the pineal gland. Lastly, I will NEVER take your gene therapy kill shot. Know that! I also refused to have my children indoctrinated into communism on my watch so we pulled them out of school and home schooled. Most in LA comply with this nonsense hoping the demons will stop taking our rights. They won’t.

Over time, the toxic environment in LA caused me to decide I no longer wanted to live like a slave to big government. Los Angeles is all my family knew. They didn’t understand my decision. Most people don’t understand my decisions. It is not a very easy thing seeing what no one else sees. This is where the faith in God comes in. I had made my surrender so I knew to listen to the voice and get us out. I literally just left the business. My clients were the biggest names in the City. None of it mattered. I had enough. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It was a shock to our family. At this time, I may not have shown the necessary compassion but I don’t believe that I could. My transformation required me to go full masculine. Once I completed my recovery, only then did I begin to discover my balance of energies in the body.

The day I made the decision, I went for a jog. I begged my angels for a sign that I was doing the right thing. My angel communications include bird feathers. That is one way the divine connects with us here. These are the signs that I mention to pay attention to constantly. On the run, I found 6 feathers. All of them were distinctly unique. To note the rarity of this, look around and see how many feathers you find today. I had my answer. I just had to execute the plan.

It took about a month outside of LA to realize the decision was the right one. Our family was on a new time line and we all now have the opportunity to heal. The whole point of this is to learn to tap into a power source that is infinite for your salvation. Our eyes see 0.1% of the visible energetic reality. That means we see 1 out of 1000. What would be considered real? The one or the 999. Perspective. Learn to trust that God’s plan is greater than anything we can see with our two eyes. When I learned surrender, faith, intention and execution, life began to get so much better. I trust these words spark your soul to question everything about this reality and go WITHIN.

Infinite blessings.


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