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My interaction with the Caretakers of the Forest-Sasquatch

I had quite possibly the greatest weekend of my entire life. What a glorious time was had being present and observant of my surroundings. I want to write this while the experience is still fresh in my head. We were on Day 2 of our adventure weekend riding off-road Jeeps on some very difficult and rocky terrain. An experience that I may have avoided in the past because of some of my own internal fears. On this trip, however, I was completely present every single moment of every single day. My whole universe fell into place on this weekend and the gratitude in my heart is glorious and sustaining.

It was late afternoon at this point around 4 pm Sunday. We were doing an exercise to go into nature to find objects to use as tangible things to use to create a reality for our pent up emotions and fears to release them. I decided to move to the east toward a down slope area. We were at high elevation but were not at the peak. Maybe a few hundred feet below it. I was so present that I don't even know the name of the trail we were on. That is pretty funny for me. All of a sudden everything was eerily quiet. You couldn't hear a bird or insect.

I was about 25 feet away from my new friend Josh. He was standing to the north and on an up slope next to some beautiful pine trees. I asked him if he noticed how quiet it was. He nodded his head up and down and said, "Yes I do. That is a bit strange." About 1-2 minutes later approximately 1/2 mile away I heard a loud and distinctive roar. It almost sounded like a lion in the middle of the forest. I got distinctive chills but zero fear. I was ecstatic. I wanted this experience. I thought that I might have one. I was excited to have one. The magic happens when you truly can subdue that rational mind and allow yourself to stay centered and patient in all circumstances and use your breath to stay aligned to allow these things to happen. I went to Swami Tommy the leader of Zen Jeeping and told him the story. He said, "Yeah, I thought I heard a loud grumble in the distance. It didn't sound like anything off-road." I heard through someone else though never spoke to him directly about it that he also noticed the eerie silence of the forest.

After our adventure wrapped up for the day, we were set to drive back to camp. Swami Tommy and I finally had our opportunity to sit one on one and have some genuine time to share our experiences and stories. We had a genuine uplifting and human conversation. It was beautiful conversation. I had numerous great talks on this adventure with so many different and glorious souls. At one point on the ride home, I brought up the subject of bigfoot again. He asked me what I thought bigfoot is? I believe that they are the first species on this planet. I also believe that they are a tribe of Shaman and the caretakers of the forest. That impression came to me about two weeks ago and it resonates with my soul. When that happens I just go with that feeling and trust it. That is the faith in the experience.

So just as I finish my sentence, we hear three distinctive whoops on the radio. Notice the three. Trinity? Coincidence? Signs? Flow? Swami Tommy turned to me with those eyes. You guys know what I mean. He had a huge smile and said, "I sure would like a confirmation of that." Immediately we heard the same three distinctive whoops again. It almost sounded like an owl but not quite. That is the best auditory example that I can give. I asked him if he ever had that experience on the radio before. The answer was a resounding NO.

The skeptic can look at all of this and dismiss it and that is absolutely fine. That is their decision and I can respect their opinion. I don't have to prove myself right to people and I am not required to agree with them. We can agree to disagree. I merely want to share my mystical experiences with others so that they may be able to free their mind long enough to find the absolute joy in this experience. In my humble opinion that joy is found in surrendering to the will of the All Mighty Lord and Essence of Creation. The ego no longer has to control each and every scenario and is present enough to experience the glory of and on this planet. Thank you for reading and I trust the story provides you with a seed to begin to pursue the spiritual path. At 50 years old, I am a 12 year old boy at heart now. I want others to have this feeling as well. Believe that you can. Infinite blessings to you and yours.


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