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  • Shaman Steve

My Kundalini Experience

I am a funny fellow sometimes. I wish I was more diligent about documenting dates and events along this journey. I guess I am so present in each moment now that the dates do not matter; although I maybe should document for others to help them to learn from my experiences. Someone willing to learn like that would be considered a genius level thinker.

Well enough of that, I want to explain my Kundalini Awakening or White Light Experience as I like to call it. Yoga science suggests the 3rd eye awakening brings forth the light of a thousand moons, and as the crown opens it claims it brings the light of a thousand suns.

The experience occurred in my living room during morning meditation while I still lived in Los Angeles. It was probably close to a year or so ago. I have been doing my morning ritual everyday for close to 10 years. The alchemy created is readily apparent now in fitness that I now have created for myself. I have been able to purify my temple. Everything happened in an instant. Then it was gone. I will never forget that flash of light. The best way to describe it would be The Big Bang Theory. It was as if a whole new universe was born for me. At least that is the way I would interpret it. The light was so bright, white and so vivid. I am eternally grateful for all the difficult effort to reach this point and attain this gift. My mission now is to show others the techniques I have utilized to reach this point in my journey. My heart is open and I only wish to share. I trust others may now have this goal after reading the words. I would wish for everyone to experience this feeling of liberty and bliss.

Infinite blessings.


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