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  • Shaman Steve

Shamanic Journey to the Underworld.

Yesterday (8-8-22) the glorious Lion's Gate portal was open and fully activated. Thanks to my intuition I found a group of lovely souls that were doing a ceremony to welcome these transformative energies to this beautiful planet. One of the components of the ceremony was the use of Shamanic Drums to enable a trance-like state to enable the soul to take a journey. The guide(Dr. Tassel) suggested that we use a tree in nature to be able to enter the underworld. I found that somewhat amusing because I had a vision of the tree that I would use a few seconds before she made the statement. I had been to Big Bear CA recently and left some gifts at a tree that resonated with my soul. Here is a picture of the tree. Notice the majestic stone to the left. It almost feels like it is standing guard at the portal.

There was also some amazing golden sap that had hardened on the west side of the tree. In addition there was a small rabbit-like hole type opening as well. You can slightly see it here on the lower right. I had a wonderful meditation at this spot as well. I left some feathers, handmade soap, crystals and some beads. My soul had guided me to make this presentation some three(3) weeks back. The magic world is far more fun than the matrix. I am now all in on fun and engaged living. I am grateful for all of the lessons learned but am now ready to take the next step in my soul evolution.

As the drumming began, I imagined myself at the spot on the right side of the tree and took a swan dive into the hole. I emerged within a dense prehistoric jungle. I don't recall any sounds but the images and colors were extremely vibrant and lively. It was a fun place to be. I meandered further into the jungle where I saw a still, clear and pristine pond further along toward the east. As I continued my journey, it almost felt like I was floating because I do not remember seeing my feet. At this point in the journey, I came to a barren and very steep and completely rocky mountain that I began to ascend. I noticed one four(4) foot tall tree with zero leaves to my right. This was a location with no trail and very few visitors. The climb symbolized the difficulty of my journey to realign my mind, body and spirit. Because I have built so much strength overcoming my personal demons, I am now able and open to assist others to do the same. At the top of the mountain, I made eye contact with the Black Jaguar with vibrant yellow eyes. We held gaze for a few seconds before he began to lead me to a refreshing and stunning meadow. At the other side of the meadow I encountered a very large Sasquatch, Bigfoot...I call them Sabay. In spanish, sabe(same pronunciation) means he knows. I bowed at his feet and was a humble recipient of his wisdom and knowledge gathered over thousands of years of being a leader for his people. I had an actual encounter with something a few weeks back in the Sierras. It was quite magical and I have blogged on the experience.

After my encounter in the Sierras, I learned that Sabay is our Elder Brother-Teacher designed to work in concert with humans to help us all to raise the vibratory rate of the planet. They are our direct connection to the Star Elders. I have so much more clarity of vision after this Shamanic journey and look forward to working with like-minded people in re-establishing the ancient and lost knowledge in this world. A new journey has begun and a new dawn is rising. The old world is no more.


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