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  • Shaman Steve

Transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit

What does it take to transform in a society of convenience? Sometimes we have to hit new lows along the journey to build a strong foundation for future endeavors. My true journey started in 2008. In this picture, I weigh close to 250 pounds.

This was a couple of months after I met my guru Swami Atmachaithanya. I had a magical encounter meeting him in April of that year. It was during this time that I learned how to meditate and begin my spiritual journey. The fire had been flamed. At first, meditation was not easy for me. It was very difficult to sit in silence for any extended period of time. Over years I slowly trained the body and mind for stillness and surrender.

I was at a low physically and mentally in this picture at the beginning of the physical transformation. My eating and drinking habits were not the best at this point in time.

I was also dealing with tremendous backpain which made it very difficult to even function at times. I remember the bottom vividly. The family was set to go to the beach. My wife drove and I was in the passenger seat. The pain on my right side was so fierce that after 5 minutes I asked Vivian to turn around and take me home. The pain was too intense for me to endure a drive to the beach. Wow! I felt all types of emotions: all of them were negative. I felt I could go no lower.

I started a workout program in April 2020 to begin my first attempt to rehabilitate my body temple. Unfortunately 6 weeks into the program, I hurt myself again. It was another low point and a very difficult time mentally. Time passed and I continued to do more soul searching. In October of 2020, I declared to the heavens that I was either going to die rehabilitating my body or I was going to fully heal myself. There was no other option. My declaration to the Universe was forceful. I made my intention. Now it was time to execute.

I watched a variety of youtube videos and got inspiration from numerous channels. I listened to spirit to create the program for myself and my family. Eventually even neighbors and other young people joined in the festivities.

The vibe is electric with a good group of people working hard to improve themselves. We each feed off of each other. What a beautiful gift.

I discovered so much about myself and everyone along this journey that I am sharing all of the techniques I learned to help you learn from my mistakes and experience. That is the greatest gift of all. I have truly come to the point where I have tremendous love in my heart and I just want to share so that others can feel the same. I open my heart to you all. Infinite blessings to find the fire in your lives to make the impossible, I'm possible.


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